Dark Fiction, Horror, Science Fiction Publications


Lena’s Ghost The Second Corona Book of Horror Stories, 2018

Dearest Lydia, Horror Tree's Trembling With Fear, 2018

The Candy Factory Drabbledark Anthology  ( July 20, 2018 ) : A dare gone wrong when one teenager enters an abandoned candy factory. 

Sweet Bianca ( May 24, 2018 ) available on 101words.org (2018) : Bianca struggles with her supernatural powers, only to discover her greatest threat is within herself.

Guest Podcaster on Bad Movie Night , a podcast that reviews bad horror and sci-fi movies (2018)

Nico is a book and movie reviewer on scifiandscary.com, (2018 - present) 

Nico is the creator and host of Box Office Refund (2018 - present) a weekly movie review podcast.