My Favorite Weird Headlines from 2017

Let's face it. 2017 was a unusual year. From politics to pop culture to science, it seemed the Earth spun into the Twilight Zone and is still searching for a way out. But never fear! Because when life turns upside down, weird news headlines emerge. Let's delve into some of the funniest and most peculiar bylines.

What's the weirdest thing you've ever swallowed? An Aussie woman went to the doctor with stomach pains only to discover she had a brace wire poking through her small intestine. Too bad she didn't have braces. Well, at least not for ten years. Yup, the dental brace was in her system for a decade before detected. Dental Brace Wire Lodged in Intestine For Decade, Doctor says

Imagine walking down your high school hallway. A strange, foreign odor swirls the air. It smacks the side of your nostrils, drifts to your stomach, and soon you find yourself queasy, heading for the nurses office. The culprit? Pumpkin Spice Air Freshener. Some people just can't appreciate the beautiful aroma of fall. Pumpkin Spice Air Freshener Prompts Evacuation of School

This story is only weird if you prefer not to have your eyelids inverted. But apparently, it's rather common practice by one Chinese street barber. "Blade wash eyes" are said to unlock more moisture. Dry eyes? Go for a shave. Flipping Lids! Chinese barber offers eyelid shaves

This fisherman caught a drunk woman. She bit his line and swam away with it. Wanna guess what state this occurred? Florida. Yup.  Florida Woman Arrested After Biting Fisherman's Line

Look, I've never tried to shimmy down a chimney in order to rob a business, so maybe I'm being harsh when I include this story as a funny addition to the list. A Santa dressed thief tried to do go down the chimney to rob a California business. Thank goodness he had his phone handy so he could call the cops for help. Santa Style Thief Calls the Cops on Himself


If you like weird and funny headlines as much as I do, hop over to the podcast Dumb People Town where the Sklar Brothers and Dan Harmon do a biweekly pod highlighting some of the dumbest headlines around the country....but mostly from Florida.