Five Incredible Dark Fiction and Horror Magazines


If you like the weird, the horrific, and the dark, these are five magazines you need to be reading:

cover art by Daniele Serra

cover art by Daniele Serra

Apex Magazine : This is a monthly publication, available for sale the first Tuesday of every month. It features prose and poetry of horror, fantasy, and science fiction. Get ready for stories about the weird, the twisted, and the beauty within the darkness.

Unnerving Magazine : While they lean toward horror, Unnerving Magazine also accepts works from the genres of dark fantasy, dark science fiction, thriller, crime and dark literature.

Lamplight Magazine : A quarterly magazine for dark fiction reminescent of "The Twilight Zone" or "Black Mirror". You can download a free edition from 2012

Nightmare Magazine : This is a magazine dedicated to horror and dark fiction. If you like zombies, ghosts, and haunted houses, check out this publication.

 Black Static : This used to be called The Third Alternative, a magazine that included some science fiction and fantasy. But they are now exclusive to dark fiction and horror.

Of course, there's plenty more horror and dark fiction magazines out there. Which are your favorites?