Favorite "How To" Books for Writers

I have three favorites:


Susan May Warren writes contemporary Christian fiction, romance and suspense. Since I started writing in that genre and Susan May Warren is one of my favorite authors, I gobbled up this book as well as other "how to" workbooks she's published. I still have her resources on hand when I sit down to write a horror story. The building blocks you learn from her will stick with you no matter your genre.


This is a must read, one that will help not only in writing, but in life. Not a traditional "how to" book, but one that gives wisdom and insight.

stephen king.jpg

It's a classic in the writing world for a reason. Stephen King knows his stuff and the tips are valuable, but he also gives insight into his own process, his journey and how he managed to become a legend. A must read for any budding author.

Nico BellComment