Review: Prodigy Netflix No Spoilers!

Review: Prodigy on Netflix No Spoilers!


Netflix is rocking my socks off. From Ghoul to Black Hollow Cage, they're becoming my "go-to" for dark and mind-bending entertainment. So when I spotted Prodigy on my queue, I knew I was info a wild ride. I wasn't disappointed.


The movie begins with Dr. Fonda (Richard Neil) playing chess with himself. We get an instant sense that something has gone wrong with his life. A sorrow weighs on him as he absentmindedly twists his wedding ring. He's approached by Dr. Olivia (Jolene Anderson), an old fling and therapisrt who is out of time and resources when it comes to reforming her young patient Ellie, played by Savannah Liles.

But Ellie isn't a normal child. Dr. Fonda is constantly warned about her behavior although we aren't given specifics, only that she's been violent toward the staff. When Dr. Fonda enters the room to meet with Ellie, she's in restraints. Think along the lines of Hannibal Lector. Within seconds, Ellie has assessed Dr. Fonda, showing off her superior intellect and ability to recognize a person's weakness and exploit it.

We learn about Dr. Fonda's past, the source of his pain and sadness, and we get a hint that somewhere under the demonic layers of evil which Ellie displays, a broken child exists.

Or is it all an act? Are some people born evil? Or is there goodness in even the worst of us?

The movie unravels quickly, keeps the tension from start to end with superb acting. Savannah Lilies's performance disturbs and hypnotizes. This movie digs into the complexities of human nature and it is definitely worth checking out.

My rating: 5 stars