How to Avoid Writer's Block in 2019

It’s totally natural.


You’re chugging along, writing your story and then you hit a plot pothole. Okay, no problem. Just take a second, regroup, and keep going. Except that pothole turns into a sinkhole, and then a crater, and soon you’re pulling out your hair, cursing at your computer and yelling about how you should have listened to your parents and gone to medical school.

Welcome to the world of writer’s block. This is a judgement free zone.

If you’re new to writing, this land of endless coffee, arguing with critique partners, questioning your life decisions and bargaining with the devil for a nugget of writing genius may be new. If you’re a seasoned writer, welcome home.

But writer’s block doesn’t need to destroy your New Year’s resolution writing goals. Over the years, I’ve found several helpful ways to beat the blues and get back to doing what I love.


Do something else that is creative. Other than writing, what creative outlet would you like to explore? Don’t worry about your skill set, just explore a different artistic avenue. During the month of October, I participated in Inktober, a themed daily drawing challenge. They aren’t great (you can check them out on my instagram) but it was nice to get the creative juices flowing in a different way. Maybe consider taking a painting class, or buying a chunk of clay and molding a vase. Perhaps you want to hit the Karakoe bars or tour an art museum or try to sew a dress. Whatever it is, enjoy stretching your creative muscles.

Bounce ideas with your critique partners Don’t have a critique partner? I suggest getting one, but if you’re unable, then find a willing friend and bounce ideas off of him or her. But the advantage of a critique partner is being able to help that individual with her project. It gets your mind off your own writer’s block while still keeping the creativity flowing. Plus, it’s fun helping others achieve their creative goals.

Read the type of book your want to write. I have a list of “go-to” authors that I pull up whenever I am in a writing funk. Curling up with my dog, a great book and a cup of coffee always puts me in a good mood. And reading a book I want to be able to write gives me the inspiration I need to keep going.


Get moving. Get out of the house and move that body! Take a walk, or a run. Go dancing. Roll down a hill. Whatever makes you happy :) Just getting up and moving recharges your brain and helps reset your sour mood into something more inspiring.

Write. Sorry, but this is the one you just have to do. The medicine for writer’s block is to sit down and write. Don’t worry about quality or even quantity, just get something on the page. A short story, perhaps? A single paragraph? Maybe a book review? Just write something.

Just remember to give yourself a break. Writing is hard work and you’re bound to have days when you produce nothing more than a jumble of incoherent rubbish. That’s okay :) I’ve been there too! Just keep at it and trust that writer’s block is only temporary.

Have any proven techniques to get over writer’s block? Leave them in the comments below!