Interview with Horror Writer V. Castro #Interview

Interview with V. Castro

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V. Castro is a Mexican American horror author originally from San Antonio, Texas. She is a book and movie reviewer for

V, thank you for agreeing to talk to me today!! I love the review that you recently did for Sci/Fi and Scary!

Thank you! I absolutely love writing film reviews. I am that annoying person screaming at the TV when someone does something stupid. Have people in horror films never seen a horror film?!

 When did you first start writing Horror?

 I was just a girl. Once I picked up Scary Stories To Tell in The Dark, I was hooked. I’ve always wanted to write but never felt encouraged enough, so I stopped. It was during a very difficult time emotionally that I decided to just go for it. I needed to stop hiding.

 You currently live in England do you see a difference in British horror to American horror?

 I don’t feel there is a huge difference because the core of horror transcends borders. As humans we all fear the same things to a certain degree. Hate, pain, death, anxiety, The Other all live within our minds and take shape as different things across cultures. Fear is fear.

 What writing advice would you give your younger self?

 Don’t compare and just go for it! Don’t let fear and self-doubt determine your life choices. Although, I still tell this to myself every day.

 There is a trend for authors to provide a playlist for their latest books. If you had a play list for Maria the Wanted what would it be?

 My book references music throughout! Music is part of the tale! I’ve included music to give the reader a feel for the scene and the character’s personalities. Here are a few.

 Opening terror scene: Devil Inside by Inxs

Como La Flor- Selena

Behind Blue Eyes- The Who

White Wedding- Billie Idol

When Doves Cry- Prince

Freebird -Lynyrd Skynyrd

Muevete- DLG

Black Gold of The Sun-Rotary Connection

Blue In Green- Miles Davis

Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood- Nina Simone 

Bound To The Floor- Local H

Hold On We’re Going Home- Drake

Bring My Family Back- Faithless

I Put A Spell On You- Nina Simone

Head Like A Hole- Nine Inch Nails

You Do Something To Me- Paul Weller

Just The Way You Are- Billy Joel

 Do you find being a reviewer more difficult than being an author?

 Yes. I don’t want to not like something someone has created, especially if they are indie.  It takes guts to put yourself out there. If you are a person of color, it’s even more difficult.

Obviously, I would like people to enjoy my writing, however, I do it for myself. I feel compelled to create characters and stories that reflect where I come from and who I am. Even if only one Latina reads my books and feels empowered in some way, I know I’ve done my job.

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 What is a trope that you read that makes your cringe? If so, how would you change the trope?

I’m really open minded unless it lacks any sort of diversity. Then I’m just, “What the fuck is this?”

As a latinx writer do you feel that this is a demographic that hasn’t been tapped as of yet?

YES! There are nearly 60 MILLION LATINX folks in the US. We are almost 18% percent of the population. As a Mexican American I grew up with all kinds of stories of the supernatural. Nothing seemed out of the realm of possibility, I guess that is why I was always so fascinated with horror.

I’ve written short stories based on legends from Texas. My current book, Maria The Wanted, uses many aspects of my culture to address social injustice, current events, identity and hope- with vampires. I also have an erotic vampire novella based on a very controversial figure in Mexican history, La Malinche.

Writing isn’t an issue, it’s getting the word out there that there are Latinx authors kicking ass in the industry. I will be starting my own book review website later in the year to focus on marginalized writers.

What are your top five horror books?

 Salem’s Lot- Stephen King

 The Hellbound Heart- Clive Barker

 Carrion Comfort- Dan Simmons

 Dracula- Bram Stoker

The Between- Tananarive Due (this just knocked another out of my top 5)

 What books are currently on your night stand?

 Loteria – Cina Pelayo

Becoming- Michelle Obama

 Are there any up and coming women of horror that we need to keep an eye out for?

 I will say ALL OF THEM. I think any woman that is willing to put herself out there deserves a chance for her voice to be heard. The din of this male dominated genre is loud, ingrained and needs a bit of upset. I don’t dislike the men that are writing horror, but I do feel we need to do more to support women.  This is my passion.

 Thank you so much for joining me!

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